Bring yourself to The Table: Being in knowing

‘Lay yourself upon my Table…and we will bring you back into the world lighter and brighter, and transformed, that you may know your self first, before you know others.’


Heru speaks to Light workers in what is a forthright communication about knowing ourselves and acting in the world from this self awareness in order to serve more wholly.

In recognition of such a challenge, His message begins with a blessing: ‘Now to the Prism of Light: Its radiance bends forth into the world that we may see the Christ force within us. A blessing upon you, and a blessing upon you who read this message.’

‘When we come into the world as the Spirit speaking, we make known truths that we see from planes where we exist. They are clear here, not muddied by polluted waters. Our streams run free. Our currents are strong. And we bring the line of the Source into the world. It is the time for the Christ to be known within each child, and each adult. It is this teaching that we extend to the human race. We call it Christ and it is the I AM. It is the force of knowing one’s Self. It is the force of knowing one in Self, and Self as One.


‘We climb down from On High to bring you this message, as many have done before and continue to do: Rise up Spirit seekers, Light workers. Unite in your understanding that Love is the key. Jesus brought this message millennia ago. It is not new.

The ancients knew it. You in this Earth plane see it at times in a new born baby, in a flower, a snowflake, a rainbow, a cake that has risen, a smile, a touch, in a lover’s eyes. You see it, and you feel it. We ask you to bring this into yourself and to know. We beg you to do so that you will understand the richness of your being, and that you will then be in the world in this way.

I come through my child now, my companion, and bride. I bring her with me and I transform her as we go. Hers is a lonely path. I am pulling her along with me. She does not kick or scream, but she does cry and wonder, and she is perplexed and bewildered, and frightened at times. And this is what it means to be in the world, to live with Spirit. To be a Light worker is not only about Love. Love is the key. Love is the message. Love is of the Divine, within and without. But to be a Light worker is to strive, is to give, is to know how to receive, and to give some more. It is to give of yourself after you have learnt to know yourself, and it is in the coming to know yourself that the most pain occurs. Too many skip this part. Too many dive in unaware. We bring you forth gently and slowly when you turn to see us, but we do so with force and determination that you will be in the world that satisfies the Light within and without. If you cannot be in the world as you would be in the Light or in Spirit, you cannot be fully in the Light working. Do you understand?ComeToTheTable

‘Bring yourself forth. Bring yourself to the Table. Lay yourself upon my Table and I will feed you, and we will partake of you, and we will digest you, and we will bring you back into the world lighter and brighter, and transformed, that you may know yourself first, before you know others. You cannot know others or the Other until you know yourself, until you act from that knowing. Is that clear?

‘Clear it may be, practice it takes; a lifetime of dedication, of change and changing. And people around you will fall away, and others will come. And your path will be cleared for this work. In your dedication given, you will be free to pursue it, though it will not be easy.

‘Do not make the commitment lightly. It is a blessing to do so, but it requires hard work; a lifetime of such. We will guide you and we will protect you, and we will show you yourself, and you will decide. And your decision will be made, and you will go into the world free, and we will accompany you. And where you fail, we will withdraw, though we do not leave. And failing is only in the not knowing of Self, the abandonment of the One, who is you. For this we weep, for you are a Blessed being.

‘We bring you to our breast and suckle you in the Light that you may suckle others, and you must do so wholly, in the knowledge of the I AM, in the knowledge of the One, as Jesus did give, when the Christ came into Him. So too, you must turn to face the Christ within. And then you will know. And then you will see. And pray, then you will act.

‘And we bless you for this. We bless you Light workers. Spirit sees and knows and blesses you in the world that the Source comes through, and the load is lighter, and the planes rejoice for your dedication. Yes we do.

‘Go and be brave. Be brave for yourself and for what you co-create. Be brave for the web of which you are a part, in thought and action, and feeling and knowing. Send out the Light. When you have found it within, hold some and send some out, and we will join you. Yes we will, blessed being.’