One word: Love

Green HealingheartAt this time, as many of us celebrate Oestra/Easter or variations of the Life-Source-Being relationship, the message is of healing and acknowledging the Eternal within by Knowing Love for OneSelf.

‘The message is this: Transformation is occurring. We need you to stand aside a moment, reach out to one another, step into them as you would step into yourself. Come now: Healing time it is. It is healing. The message I give I give because my Brother could not give it. It is HIS time. It is HIS time upon the cross. And He will sacrifice again, over and over and over and over again, as He does, as He will, in you, with you.

‘This is what you do. This is what I ask. It is a time for healing now. It is a time for life change. It is a time to look around and be Blessed, and to know that the one you are with, that is your Self, is the primary one. Give credence to this. Give answers to this. Give love to this, and all else will prevail. All else will come forth to your loved ones, to your families, to your employees, to your friends, to your relations, to your fellow human beings and creatures of this world, but do it first for yourself. Do it first with yourself. Love. Love and heal.

‘And at this time, when the eggs do flow; at this time when the colours do mask; at this time, when my Brother is remembered, remember still yourself, your Self in Him upon the cross, sacrificing each day, sacrificing in many ways, your self. Love your Self first. Do you hear me?

‘That is the way. Through it I AM comes. Through it I AM is known, but it is only known when you turn around to see, and see the face of your own sacrifice. Do you understand that?

‘The blue ray comes, and the yellow does too. Divided now they are, but always in sync, always synchronistic. Blue and yellow and green, of course they come into the world at once, though divided they are and streams apart, and through different consciousnesses and different vibrations. But we come upon the green ray now. We come upon love and healing, and we bring it into the world through communication that is Light and consciousness. And we ask you at this time, look in the mirror, look in the mirror at your Self and know that you are loved. Know that the cross that you look out to lies within. Yes it does.

‘I am St Germain. I am here for a reason. I am here for a message. That message is that we are teaching you to evolve. We are teaching you to evolve in a way that is harmonising your frequency and vibration. And we ask of you to acknowledge that within yourself. That is all. One simple acknowledgement. One prayer. One word. Look. See. Turn within, and say one word: LOVE.

‘Can you do that? Can you do that for us? Take a moment now. Be silent. Be still. Turn your focus within, look upon your heart, feel the blood coursing through your veins, and say to yourself: ‘LOVE’. And feel it, and know it as something that is offered to you from your Self. And we will be there too. And we will be there too.

‘This is what we ask at this time. Imagine that: all of humanity turning to themselves, turning inward with one word, one consciousness, one idea prevailing throughout this world, the material world, all looking in, all speaking love, to yourself, yourself first, always.

‘Know that you are loved, and we are here for you. When you reach up, you will find us. And you will find us familiar. You will find us known. You will find that we have been with you ALWAYS. And that too is LOVE. And that too is the I AM. And that too is part of the path that we journey together. And we do not fail, we do not fall, we do not relinquish the right of unity. It simply is. Know it and breathe it. And for one moment, one moment, when you hear this message, when you read these words, when you think about these concepts, stop, look, listen, turn within, announce to yourself: ‘LOVE.’