Come be beside us, Come be one of us, Come…Elements All

flying orange colour woman artist josephine wall

Come be beside us

Come be one of us

Come to the Door that holds the key to transformation

This is how

Look and listen

Run with the clouds

Walk with the sea

Fly with the earth

Drive the desert

Air is your friend

The Elements all

Call them

And they will help you to reach the Door

Make friends of the Earth

Of the Water

Of the Air and Fire

The Elements rise too

They too have a stake in your rise and fall

They too grieve your sleep


As you rise so too the hope of the land

We call now

And you must listen

We invite you to come with us

We will show you the way

You but need listen

Open your other hearing to us

We are here calling

We are here talking to you

Hoping for you to rise

Come with us.

~ Heru