The Lords of Light know you divine: Know your Self

surrender copy3


Surrender in peace and know yourself divine. Know each part of you a part of the star field, the wisdom of ages, the plan that is the ultimate freedom upon the web of change. It is a weaving of light. It is a weaving of knowledge. It is a weaving of understanding that we bring into the matter world. And we trust that you will embrace it and bring it into your state of Being.

We ask this of you: Turn around.

Turn around and look within. See who it is that shines. See who it is who steps forward in the name of Christ. See who it is upon the cross of their life. It is YOU. It is you who are sacrificed. It is you who does rise. It is you who is celebrated. Each and every prayer. Each and every telling. Each and every name given to the Son and the God above, we call YOU. We call you.

Stand up now and look within. Feel the mighty sword of your being striking out into the world one step at a time, one knowledge at a time, understanding that you are the blade that cuts the pattern of your woven life. Yes you are.

We can help you. If you look for us. If you reach for us. If you listen. Raise your vibration. Sit in meditation. Sit in silence. Listen to the voice. Listen to the reason you are here. Feel the love and expand into it. Think of your children. Think of your loved loves. Think of the flowers and the birds and the earth and the sky and the warmth all, and radiate that within. And sit in the energies that this will bring, and magnify it. And practice thus and you will reach us. And we will help you.

And we do so because we want you to see. We do so because we want you to know your spirit, your guidance, your own inner being who is divine, who is aware of her divinity though she knows it not now; though she knows it not here. We would help you remember. We would help you see.

Can you remember a time of peace? Can you remember a time of harmony? Can you remember when the rivers ran slowly but deeply, and you dived in and you found the answers there. And the pieces of the puzzle came together, and the patterns woven were remembered and understood. This is what we hope for you. This is what we dream when you are sleeping.

Unlock these secrets. Open these doors to yourself, to the castle within, and you will know freedom. You will know peace. And you will see far. And you will understand the kingdom of your making is the realm in which you dwell, and that YOU are the King; YOU are the maker of the patterns and the keys and the doors. And you fly with the eagle because you are He. And you shift with the sands because you are each grain, and you flow with the water because you are this element. Know it and understand it and come to it piece by piece when you look within.

It begins at home. It begins at home in yourself. The busy mind cannot do this. The thinking soul will miss the pieces. A quiet stillness is required. A listening voice. A reaching ear. A tidiness of thought that can reside in the back room of the castle within. And that is when we come. And that is when we step forward. And this is how you learn. And this is where we meet you. And this is how you take the hand of God that you come to know is YOU.