Live now, this life will not come again

ImageLive now. Understand that this is a precious existence. This is a precious way of being in life. It will not happen this way again. You will not be in this moment again. Grasp it. Hold it to you for the joy and the pain, and the understanding that this moment will not return.

Even though it be difficult at times, even though it be painful and horrendous, and yet at times joy and laughter and light-filled moments; each and all are the experience of your matter being, of your link to the Creator’s hand in a world of material understanding and formation. It is a gift, a gift to be recognised; a gift to be lived and appreciated.

Many of us would return if we could. Some try. These moments through my vehicle are moments of joy in experiencing the matter world again through her eyes and her being, her emotional state. It is unlike my existence. And there will be a time when it is unlike yours. Grasp it now. Live it now. Live it to the fullness of your being. Know it for the precious gift that it is.

Do not waste a moment living lies. Do not waste a second living untruth. Grasp your Knowing now. Live in the light and the joy of your life. Live it true.

These moments will not come again. This time, this life, will not come again. Though life continues and grows, and your light is perpetuated upon the arc of existence, this life, this time, this evolutionary aspect of your Self, will not come again. Live it now. Breathe it now. Know it now.

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