Solstice Greetings and the new born Lamb



Today marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the time of Christmas for those of the Christian tradition and a custom marked by many in the Western Culture. At this time, we offer these words:

Be still. Be still and let us carry you into the night that the day may arise anew, and longer still at this time when the Christ is born within each, within each of you. Rise up, knowing that you are reborn, that your birth is occurring now; that the midwife is your spirit bringing you into the land of the material world.

The lamb is born anew at each turn. It bleats out a cry, a fall into the world, and it does not come alone. It comes a primal spark, a divine light, a being of the one light. And each turn, each turn, you arise with it. Each turn, you come with it. Each turn, you, the lamb born into the world.

When you come to your tables be aware that you do not come alone; that you ride a legacy older than time itself. And that the knowing of this time is limited; limited to particular stories, to particular ways of celebration brought about through custom throughout ages, and it is a dawning of a light, a light known and seen within each, the eternal spark, that returns again and again and again. It does not end. It does not dampen. It is not extinguished. It is perpetual. It is everlasting. And this is the time of the Mass. This is the time of the remembering of the One.

Let you not forget that you are He. Let you remember that you are He. Let you know yourself one upon that cross. Let you know yourself one with Him. Let you know yourself reborn anew, ascended now, and time, and again. And every moment that you remember, and every moment that you turn within and understand that you are not separate from that light, from that being, from the Christ within, that you and He are One.

Let you remember today at this time, in this place, that you are the Lamb, that you are the shepherd and the hill; that you are the light in the night sky above, the sands that shift, and the winds that shifts them; let you remember this and know: there is no beginning and there is no end; that this telling is true; that the truth of it begets you all one and one, and one again, time immemorial.

And we come to bring this into your world, into your realm, that you may remember this oneness; that you may reach out around your table; that you may hold the hands of those near and understand them more than kin, more than self, more than Spirit; that you understand them of the Creator, created in His image, each image a replica of the one. Understand this and you will be whole. You will know the seeds of the grass upon which you lay in the sun, uphold you because you make them; uphold you because you can. Return now to your forgetting and you will sleep, a sleep of dreams of your making. Awake now and you will remember that you create your sleep and your dreams, and your awaking.