Easter Rising: Today is Your Day

Today is the day of sacrifice no longer. It is the day of celebration. It is the day that the light is rekindled upon each and every one, within each and every one, within the Light Eternal. It is the day that we know that the flame within is the flame without. It is the breath of the one God; that God that lies within is the God of Creation.


Today we understand that in His breath we are risen, in His life we are born, in His mercy we are created. And in His understanding, we have free will.

Ours is an evolutionary race of time created by ourselves. It is a manufactured existence, an illusion of sorts, based upon the will of humanity. And a veil lifted reveals the flame within, the Light that casts out a thousand million shadows. Today we understand our divine self is the self of our rule. It is the one within us. It is the one about us.

Today rise up. Rise up and claim your birth right. Know yourself no longer a wanderer in the desert, that the kingdom that you own, reigning over your dominion, that is your Eternal Spirit.

This life, no longer yours to lead alone, no longer wandering helplessly by yourself, taken in hand, following the shepherd of your way, alighting your days with the gift of His staff, breathing His life into you, a life which you know to be indwelled with.

Today is your day. Today is your day as it is any other. It is given you by the Grace of God, the God whom you are.

ImageToday we ask you to remember this: Your light shines brightly in the Halls of Amenti. Your light shines brightly in the Halls of Osiris. Your Light shines brightly in the Halls of Isis. And Horus flies above you, His wings outstretched golden beneath the sun, bringing you Home. Yours is a day of reckoning. It is a day of understanding. It is a day of seeking inner truth, and of knowing: You are of Light. Your spirit soars. It will not be down trodden. It reigns supreme in the Halls of Knowing.

You too can understand this truth if you look within, if you see the light that shines and leads your way. The Guardian will mind you. The angel will guide you. Those who have loved you will protect you and be with you, and follow you along your path, and lead you to an understanding that they have found, that life is eternal.

It is in Knowing that you come to be. It is not for the Halls or for the Mountain or for the Pyramids to dictate; it is your own evolutionary self who understands this and who knows the supreme dignity, the supreme being, that she lives on.

Know that that God is within you, that God watches you, that God is you. Know that you are the Creator. Know that you create worlds, that you crush lives, that you breathe life into all things magnificent; that you understand the elements, that you are risen upon the stars. Know that yours is not the destroyer, but the creator, and that both are within your realm; that the evolution of all things requires the devolution of all things, and the cycle of life continues in this way, over and over and over again. Satan and Christ, God and the Flame, are all One.