The Transition

iconurlMany of us with loved ones who have passed over have known them, prior to their passing, to have spoken of seeing family members or spouses who predeceased them. We hear them comforted at those times in the belief and understanding that they will not be alone; that they will be met when their spirit leaves the house of their body. Yet, very little is understood about the transition time. These experiences are often considered as one-way, with spirit bridging the realms to prepare and guide the person through the process.  In these passages Heru offers an understanding of this time of ‘death’ from the viewpoint of our ability to not only prepare but create the conditions of our passing. We are invited to make conscious, directed preparations that enable us to determine who we are met by, who we awaken to, and where. The premise is that just as we have the capacity to intent and manifest our material life, so too we have the ability to create the conditions of our ongoing life beyond matter…

The unfolding of the universe within each person becomes a matter of urgency towards the end of their life cycle. This is an understanding. This is a possibility for those who are looking deeper, for those who do look within and wonder at their life’s journey, and wonder at how they have travelled and how they have been seen, and whom they have seen, and what they know. Their concerns for the life thereafter are brought into this equation as they ready themselves for the next life, for the journey beyond, depending upon their understanding of life matters and universal equations. We are in a position to assist them to understand that their transition is equally important as the life they have lived. And the preparation that they might do for themselves is also valued and of value at this time.

What they must understand is that their belief makes a difference to where they go upon wakening, and to whom they will be delivered. All reckoning thereafter is sorted. It is more or less the comfort of the being that we speak of in this instance. Where would you like to wake? If you had the choice, if you could make the decision, if you envisaged where you would be upon awakening, where might that be? There is no ‘if’, there is only this, you can, and you do.

And upon not seeing and upon not knowing, you will be delivered where you are most needed, where you are most known, and where the two are more likely in harmony. Often times this is a lonely place. Often times, this is a place of non-remembrance, and at first this can be alarming. However, we do not allow this to continue and the stages upon which you will be briefed, come into existence shortly thereafter. Never are you alone. Never will you be left alone. Those who tell you otherwise are ill-informed. Your transition and your journey is a peaceful one though it be often times without recognition. That is for those who do not envisage their place and space and time thereafter. That is the preparatory stage. That is the work that may be done beforehand for the soul’s journey thereafter, coming into the land of peace.

For others it is an easy transition. For those with the vision and understanding, they come into the Halls of Amenti with a flame lit and a torch bearing. Their witnesses are those whom they have called and they stand proud in the Halls of Judgement. Their own will is their divine knowing and their reckoning is of their own device. And their journey thereafter is of their own making. And this is as it is. And this is as it will be. And so it goes, and so it is.

Prepare yourselves. Prepare those whom you might meet. Prepare for the everlasting life that comes, and the journey of choice that it brings. The material world upon which you will dwell time and time and time and time again. And your secrets will be safe within this space. And your knowing will be revealed only to you, and only to those whom you allow see. And all will be revealed during this time in the Hall of Maat. And so it is and so it goes.

Upon the scales your own judgement will be weighed and then your choices do begin. You may enter the realm again or your may journey further into the sanctuary of the light that is the being of your maker and how you and who you are made. These are your choices. And your knowledge at that time will secure you a place, depending on your learning, on your compassion, on your heart’s growth, and your understanding of the realms that lie within. For you cannot go to a place that you cannot envisage. You cannot build that which you do not know. And you will not make contact where you have not seen or been or understand. Knowledge is the key my friends. Knowledge is the key. Compassion is the answer, and your will to be is a prime force in your everlasting life in this creation of the wheel. And so it is. And so it goes.